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Vegan, Natural & Cruelty-Free

Revitalise Your Scalp
With Hinokitiol + Zinc

Natural Shine Rooted in Sustainable Growth

Organic Ingredients


Reef Safe

100% Physical UV Filter

Vegan Friendly


Natural Extracts

Zinc + Hinokitiol

transform your skin, the zinx way

every product is thoughtfully selected to simplify your search for vegan, organic and natural everyday essentials for a radiance self

Best Sellers

Richard H (Amazon)

“A friend of mine gave me a couple of bottles of this earlier this year. Tastes great and the benefits of consuming these ingredients are well documented"

Christina (Amazon)

"This microdermabrasion scrub mask is great! It smells so good, it immediately reminded me of apricot! The texture is smooth and luxurious with very fine beads! Using as directed my skin felt great! Very smooth and hydrated! I will definitely be adding this to my skincare routine!"

Hailey (Amazon)

"I'm all for giving it a shot if you've got dry skin or don't mind that glowy skin situation. My personal preference leans towards sunscreens that disappear into the skin without the shine that this provides. So I'm not sure how much use this will be, but I would recommend it if you're OK with the sheen."

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