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Premium skincare
Hair Care

Hair Care 

Studies suggest that Hinokitiol may cure hair loss by suppressing factors that promote follicular apoptosis (the death of hair), such as TNF-alpha, in addition to stimulating new hair growth.

Dr ZinX has taken hair loss treatment in a new direction - by prolonging the average time it takes for hair to fall out - rather than the traditional treatments of stimulating new hair growth at a faster rate than its loss.


As a result, the individuals natural growth rate may be able to once again exceed or match the hair loss rate.

Premium hair care
Zinc + Hinokitiol
natural sunscreen
natural cosmetics


The patented Hinokitiol + Zinc combination provides rich moisturisation for all skin types, with a unique focus on shielding the skin using our Australian-Made Zinc Oxide. Our Zinc Oxide acts as an anti-inflamatory on the skin, soothing and toning. Additionally Zinc Oxide forms a natural barrier against pollutants and UV, protecting the skin and maintaining a healthy glow.

Skin Care

Skin Care

Topical zinc oxide for its strong antioxidant and antibacterial action has been also used in treating atopic dermatitis, a chronic inflammatory eczematous dermatosis characterized by the impairment of the skin-barrier function, increased oxidative cellular stress, and bacterial colonization. Our patent-pending combination utilises the Japanese Zinc Ionophore 'Hinokitiol' that works in synergy with zinc and posesses its own anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties that help to cleanse and restore the skin.

UV Protection


Hinokitiol has been shown to help repair and reduce the effects of UVB damage, with the Chemists at Dr ZinX pioneering the application of this science in the real world. To protect from UVA / UVB damage in the first instance we utilise Australian Zinc Oxide. Naturally sourced and made to FDA standards, Zinc Oxide is the worlds only broad spectrum mineral active for sunscreen. This provides the perfect formulation for delicate and sensitive skin that requires the latest science has to offer in skin protection. 


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