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About Dr ZinX

Image by Klaudia Majchrzak

Our Story

Dr. ZinX was founded on a personal mission by our Director, Geoff Acton, who has endured over 30 operations for skin cancer, with every incremental amount of UV exposure putting him at risk. This experience fueled Geoff's determination to develop a sunscreen and skincare range that he could trust — products that would not only be safe and effective for him but also for others navigating the challenges of skin cancer. His vision was clear: to offer trustworthy, sustainably-sourced, and ethically-produced skincare solutions for those in search of protection and nourishment without compromise.

Unlocking the Power of Nature

Hinokitiol, derived from the majestic Japanese Cedar trees, stands at the heart of our formulations. For over three decades, it has been celebrated in Japanese skincare for its exceptional properties that promote skin vitality and clarity. These trees, known for their longevity and disease resistance, encapsulate the essence of our philosophy: enduring beauty rooted in nature's resilience. 

Tree Texture

Organic Ingredients

Organic purity and integrity form the cornerstone of our brand. 
We are proudly NSF Organic, with each ingredient and product rigorously audited by PharmChem to guarantee that only organic ingredients and minerals grace your skin. This dedication ensures that our creations are not just kind to you but are conscientiously crafted to honor our planet. 

Natural Extracts

In our quest to offer nothing but the best, we steadfastly avoid the so-called 'nasties'. Our products are free from parabens, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS), synthetic colors, petrochemicals, and chemical UV filters. Dr. ZinX is a sanctuary where you can indulge in beauty without compromise. 

 PETA Cruelty Free

Our commitment to compassion is unwavering. As a PETA cruelty-free signed brand, we ensure all our innovations are humanely tested on willing human participants, echoing our pledge that beauty should never be at the expense of another being's welfare. 

VegeCert Certified Vegan 

Veganism is not just a trend for us but a way of life, which is why we are certified vegan by Vegecert UK. Every product we offer is a testament to our belief that beauty solutions can be plant-based, effective, and inclusive.

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